Importance of Prevention

How can I prevent an injury from occurring? Acute injuries occur when the body is unstable or a particular region of the body isn’t working like it should causing another region of the body to overwork in its place. Preventing injuries is about identifying and correcting these issues to provide the body with the best chance of warding off outside forces on the body. This is achieved through musculoskeletal and orthopaedic assessment of the individual’s body from top to bottom then addressing the results with corrective exercises and musculoskeletal treatment.

Performance Management

Performance management is making sure your body is working at 100% at all times so you can train harder and faster and reduce your recovery time to ensure you are getting the most out of your time and effort. Performance management is achieved through ‘hands on’ soft tissue therapy and an appropriate recovery program put together by qualified practitioners from Sports Therapy Australia.

Treating Aches and Pains

Aches and pains pop up from time to time due to fatigue, muscular tension, overuse and daily stresses. The most important thing with aches and pains is to have them treated before they start to effect other regions of the body and cause compensation that will start to make the problem harder to treat that will inevitably take longer to recover. It can also be more $$$ costly in the long run. Sports Therapy Australia take the time to treat not only the presenting symptoms but the cause of the aches and pains.

Management and Maintenance

Management and maintenance is crucial for the bodies’ ongoing ability to function without discomfort and pain. Certain conditions require more management and maintenance then others but the bottom line is that if the body has a structural issue that isn’t able to be corrected with surgery or functional aids then maintenance therapy is necessary to stop the problem from getting any worse. Problems such as structural scoliosis can’t be corrected as that is the way the body has grown. This puts pressure on other areas of the body causing pain and discomfort. Maintenance therapy aids in the reduction of discomfort and pain.